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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

ah yes...i was wondering and wandering around. up to down and down to up. i wandered and i wandered and so i wandered. we really need new shops. almost every shop sells the same old stuff. and at last. i bumped into him. of all the people. and yes it was nice to see you again. how do you do? *shake hands*

finally i bought Under the Tuscan sun. after walking in and out of five bookstores in town. geez, they really need to open new bookstores here in KK. i think that Iwase Bookstore is the best. Popular is a joke since they are "the biggest" bookstore in town, they should have Under the Tuscan sun. but no. they don't. i wonder wheter they (whoever they are) are going to open MPH since new malls are coming. and i mean a REAL bookstrore selling real books like KL bookstores. ah about "are coming". do you know that U.K Fun Fair is coming to town? it's already in town. already putting up and building up all those ferris wheel and others. yeah. carnival is in town. and so i am thinking of swimming tomorow. it's been a long time since my last exercise. i need to build up some muscles after realizing that is the only way i can gain weight other than eating. don't you just hate having high metabolism?

hahaha. my first gift on Christmas Eve is sandals from Neneng. i just opened it. seconds ago. well...till my next break. soon. i have ice cream to finish.

[ Music | O christmas tree by Miles Davis ]


Anonymous simon said...

haha..hmm...let me recall when i last visited KK...hmmmm

9:23 am  
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