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i listen to every conversation that takes place. more expressing, less talking, more to listening. Italy takes my breath away. my boyfriend is a Greek. well, as if. i will just as well lie. please, do sit. have a coffee with me and i will tell you a story. i will tell you about me...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


i just realized that Frances Mayes writes beautifully good spoken books about her own self-experience. i beginning to like it. Tuscany. i have always love Italy. it is a perfect book for independent travelers. and so for non-travelers. Under the Tuscan somehow makes me think about my life, my family...but mostly me. *sigh* i love my mother so much. and my father? he is always away for a week or two and back home for a week or two...then away for a week or two...and...on and on. i missed him. i missed the father and daughter activities. when i was small, my father used to lift me up up the sky. like a bird. and now...he still lift me up but not as high as before. because i am heavy. *sigh* childhood memories...i guess i will always be their little one even when i'm in an adult age. even when i get married and have kids of my own. i will still be their little one...there is a quotation that goes "No matter what happens - always keep your childish innocence - it's the most important thing..."

*sipping coffee and smiles*
i got that from the movie of Under the Tuscan sun.
good books good quotations.

Between Austria and Italy, there is a section of the Alps called the Semmering. It is an impossibly steep, very high part of the mountains. They built a train track over these Alps to connect Vienna and Venice. They built these tracks even before there was a train in existence that could make the trip. They built it because they knew some day, the train would come...
-Martini, Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)-

till my next coffee break.


Anonymous simon said...

yeah. i've watched that movie. slightly different from the book. suggestion...Bella Tuscany and In Tuscan...both by Frances Mayes too.

11:22 am  
Blogger avila said...

yes. thanks simon. i hope you realized i posted about it the books community in LJ? i get the same suggestion. thanks. im buying hers

12:57 pm  
Anonymous jasmine said...

bautifully written.. as i said in my blog. and thanks again.

8:21 am  
Blogger avila said...

haha..thank you. hmm...if you love reading, i suggest you take time and read the book. or watch the movie in channel in 42. i love the book though =)

good luck.

12:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:14 am  

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