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i listen to every conversation that takes place. more expressing, less talking, more to listening. Italy takes my breath away. my boyfriend is a Greek. well, as if. i will just as well lie. please, do sit. have a coffee with me and i will tell you a story. i will tell you about me...

Monday, December 26, 2005

Under the Tuscan sun

"believing in miracles, i give you my number, who knows it? maybe you can send me a message, or a short call..."

i wish. if only i had a cellphone. but nothing feels better than leg of lamb. a traditional Christmas dish. last night was great. celebrating Christmas in Beverley's and being Mr and Mrs Foo "adopted child". fun. photo will be posted after i get it from Beff. ( for anyone who cares to view. i care. it is indeed priceless. )

anyways, i have alot of books to read. and currently reading Under the Tuscan sun. it is...well...different from the movie. not slightly different. but big different. as it has been said by other readers. but i think both are nice. giving you different angles of the story and i still have four more books to read :

1. Soul Mountain by Gao XingJian
2. Too little, too late by Colette Caddle
3. Much ado about nothing by William Shakespeare
4. Othello by William Shakespeare
...and more to come.

sometimes i wonder why people...if not all, some...don't like reading. they just missed the beautiful journey of every pages...and no. i guess you do not need to be inspired or so to inspire. just by reading, gives out a wonderful sensation of atmosphere. with a cup of coffee...nothing feels better.

getting ready to Roy's house.
[Edit (6.59pm) : no i am not going to Roy's house. i'm so sorry Roy]

[Edit (7.31pm) : oooo...and a Happy Boxing Day]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

William Shakespeare is the best. i love his plays...

6:05 pm  
Blogger camille said...


Hey! Thanks for that compliment about my layout and for taking time to tag and to aahhh. Thaaaanks!

Hahaha, Mery Xmas too! And have a happy new year ahead of you :*

God bless:)

8:23 pm  
Anonymous CONGRUI said...

HELLOO THANKYOU =D merry christmas hahaha!

8:27 pm  
Blogger avila said...

thanks everyone...happy new year

8:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:25 pm  

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