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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why does it happen?

there are more questions on earth than there are answers. and the world itself is a mystery. history repeats itself. civilized becoming uncivilized. there are more sorrows than happiness. more are dying and so are dead. those survive are left to stay, to live and to witness as the world falls apart. to suffer more than those who had suffered. some say it kills to live. others say it is indeed a blessing to live for another day. the world is corrupting. the earth is trembling. the sea is waving goodbye and the sky is hiding.

*looking up the ceiling*
ever wonder why does it happen? how does it happen? what makes it happen? when does it happen...or when WILL it happen? who makes it happen? and so who are to blame?

it happened because there are reasons to it. things happen for a reason. or is it? what if there is no reason at all. what if it just happen and because it is meant to be happened? is it a sign? maybe. what are signs? what do you know about signs? how do you know? who cares? who cares to search for signs? me? you? does it matter? what if there are signs...but we never look. always we tend to pass by. and so who cares? we are so busy to even care. the world is so busy.

why, when, what, who and how? more questions, less one knows. no one really knows but He who suffered more and seen everything on earth. only the one knows.

and still, in the midst of everything lies a very interesting question.
is a circle really a circle?

down on my knees. i surrender...i had surrendered...i want to surrender.


Anonymous James said...

a random search.

interesting post. i somehow asked myself the same question. i wonder if a circle is REALLY a circle. people need signs and ask for signs...but heck, no one bother to look around searching for signs. just now, when i was sitting and thinking, a bird passed by my window. and the leaves fell on the ground. it happened after the other event. is that a sign? and if it is yes...a sign to what? and why? will there be signs again? when? and how do we know it's a sign...and so the curiosity goes on.

it so connected. love your entry.

12:44 am  
Blogger avila said...

indeed. exactly. leaves fall as the bird flew by.what does it trying to tell? what does it symbolised? maybe it's a beautiful day out there. and you should get out and have fun. just maybe...

...... symbolises...two people. one escape as the other one gets hurt. it symbolise something. but what? and why? and how. and so thousands of questions come to mind.

thanks for stopping by =)

11:37 am  
Anonymous jasmine said...

all the how, where, who, went, where.. made me a bit dizzy.. but i like the thought of asking oneself to as why things happen. and instead of getting more answers, you would only, in return, hear urself asking lots more, but less on getting. the answers i mean.. :)

1:47 pm  
Blogger avila said...

yes. thousands of answers...infinity of questions. questions make us dizzy =D

7:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm...i love. movingly interesting.

9:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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