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Friday, January 06, 2006

The not so important event

signs. fate. destiny. events. an event. one event. life. living. connected. like a river, flowing.

so you find yourself wondering lately. wondering about life. wondering will you ever get that job. wondering will you ever go out with that particular person you like or love. wondering if your relationship will turn out the way you expect it to be. wondering what will happen if you cross that road or buy that shoes or return his/her call or go for holiday or go to that shop instead of the other one or ___. and wondering why you did not.

and so everyone's wondering. you know what fascinate me the most? is by watching this movie on Hallmark Channel (channel 10). it makes me wondering even more. and so i found myself saying, why not...*shook heads*...okay i lost track. *sipping coffee* there are lots of events in our life. there are lots of things we had done, are doing and will be doing. events or event. something we did or about to do, is somehow connected to our lives and thus affect others. and so it goes on, like a river, it flows, like dominoes game, it plays, till it reach to its conclusion. the effe
ct of an event.
you may not be a movie lover. you don't have to be. you may not be a movie liker either. you don't have to. but please, if you have time...please check out your Astro TV Guide. take time to sit and relax. and watch the movie. have a clear picture about life and how it connect to others. such a simple title...BUG...lies a meaningful story about life. my opinion. then again, you don't have to agree or disagree. just watch and think about it.

a particular event that's about to happen may be your series of fortunate event or maybe......your series of unfortunate event.


Anonymous dirk said...

i read your blog...went to a cd/dvd shop..was gonna buy some cd..then i saw this bug dvd...and i bought it...watched it. interesting...

thumbs up to you. for you

1:08 pm  
Blogger avila said...

that good dirk...thumbs up bact to you !

3:17 pm  
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