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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Top 10 tips for living on a budget.

1. Open a Student Bank Account - some banks will offer you free stuff and even give you money to open an account with them!

2. Find a part time job to help you get by.

3. Apply for student loan early and have it paid into your account in three instalment, so you don't spend it all in the first week.

4. Don't bring a car to college.

5. Keep track of your outgoings and compare them to your income and give yourself a weekly allowance.

6. If you're looking for text books, visit the second hand shops or ask around; final year students may be trying to get rid of theirs.

7. Get a Student Railcard - it'll make the journey home much cheaper.

8. Cook yourself - don't be extravagant by eating out and always shop around. Some supermarkets have great deals. But remember don't go shopping when you're hungry or you'll have a basket full of things you don't really need.

9. Use your Student Union card for discounts - you don't want to miss out on an unexpected bargain!

10. Avoid store cards - they charge a fortune.

Taken from University of Wales Bangor


Blogger uban said...

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10:20 pm  
Anonymous anonymuis said...

What a good tips!

Option 4: If I am a college student I will get disadvantage if they know I have a car and drive car to my college because then I will not get OV-Card, a card that I can get so long I am still a student, what's that for? With that card, I can travel around netherland by train/tram/bus with no cost! I repeat: gratis! ;-)

the second good option is: Live by your own! Because: when they know that i live by my own i will get more money per month! [FYI, as a students we also get money even though we don't even work! Only if you're living by your own you will get more money by the government]

Why does it sound nice and cheap? Coz our study is first paid by them, full + the books + the travel cost, till we get the diploma, and then if we already work we have to pay them back, but the cost is not that much for a month :-)

I don't know if this is also valid for students who come here only to study, I live here and that's why we get all of this.

7:39 am  
Anonymous anonymuis said...

ops, yes I will get OV-Card no matter if they know i drive or not, but, when we can travel at no cost, why do we need a car to go to a college, which costs benzine? =D

7:41 am  
Blogger L B said...

another one - dont drink too much!

5:35 pm  
Blogger avila said...

not spammer again!!! arghhh

HOW NICE!!!! i think that would only be applied for those who are permenant resident there...but not for international students. =(
that's sad. really...i want to get paid for study too =( and they let you study first before paying...that's so woww...i have to dig every penny to study abroad. and sometimes i hate loan...arghh.

oh yes...don't drink too much. lol. i certainly can live with that. no minerals...can boil water..then make a coffee..lovely.

9:33 pm  

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