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i listen to every conversation that takes place. more expressing, less talking, more to listening. Italy takes my breath away. my boyfriend is a Greek. well, as if. i will just as well lie. please, do sit. have a coffee with me and i will tell you a story. i will tell you about me...

Friday, January 13, 2006

writing 1.2

no subject(August 27th, 2002)
i don't think i am a normal person. i think i have a mental problem, fantasy and i have a big imagination problem. sometimes i talk to myself...sometimes i'm talking as if i'm talking to someone...through this i've created an imagination that only kids as in little kids know what it imaginary friend. i sometimes call names...a person's name...but who's that person is...i don't even know.


Anonymous your imaginary friend said...

umm...u scared me...hahaha

8:56 pm  
Blogger avila said...

are you my imaginary friend cuz u scared me major.


12:52 am  
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