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Friday, January 13, 2006

writing 1.4
this is one my favourite writing though it's not mine. i wrote this in my notebook just so i can re-read it again anytime in future. it was written by my brother.

The truth behind it all shall begin here (no date.2004)
not so too long ago, one came to see the light and so began his unended journey of self discovery. one could not remember how it all began, but needless to say it began nonetheless. to remember everything would be pointless, to remember something is something but to remember is priceless. and so remember the one shall.

banana trees come to mind. in abundance they grow. the smell of dirt wetted with morning dews does bring back familiar unfamiliar memories of not so long ago. walking through the thicket of it all was the first memories of life. from then and now, life varies with blotted out pictures here and there, those not blotted thus become priceless to a point unsellable.

why is it so hard to remember? what makes it so hard to remember? how does it happen? only the one knows. so were just forgotten, so just needs prompting by specific events and so were choosen to be forgotten. how could it come to be that one could feel such things then and only wished nothing for one but wished only for all? a penny goes into a well, one wish was made for all to be happy. one was to lead a life of unhappiness, sadness and pain so heavy that only the one could keep and bear +

think about this. ok. that is all.


Anonymous jack said...

i just love this piece...
great idea of writings...perhaps maybe polish it up and make a book? :-)

4:47 pm  
Blogger avila said...

yerp! this is my favourite. i just hope that it does't just end there. i guess people write amazing stuff when they get bored eh...

9:48 pm  
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