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i listen to every conversation that takes place. more expressing, less talking, more to listening. Italy takes my breath away. my boyfriend is a Greek. well, as if. i will just as well lie. please, do sit. have a coffee with me and i will tell you a story. i will tell you about me...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Yes. Paper clips!

Standard Chatered Bank is very fusy. couple of weeks ago, i opened an account in SCB. i guess this is the most expensive bank ever. for a start, to open an account, i must have 250rm. after that then i can put as much money as i want to. so the lady asked me to fill up form. and somehow along the way she got it all wrong and i have to start all over again. with a new form. she wasn't so friendly as she keep on giving me this high sharp tone of her voice whenever i answered her questions. and that i must have at least above 5000rm to withdraw money from the bank. so anyways, i've banked in my money and she said they will send my bank card and book account to my home address. and couple of days ago, i recieved envelope from SCB only to recieve a resit stating that i've banked in this much of amount, my account number together with the verification number for the bank card. but no book no bank card or whatsoever. just a piece of paper and two SCB flyers. ufff. i hate this. going back to the bank.

and so because of too much of procastinating going on i was having problem remembering the thing i was suppose to do. as i was about to take my nap. i was thinking. and when i woke up, i seem to already be thinking about it. while i was watching TV, it was already there running inside the screen and when the sun sets, it was there in my mind. asking me what was it that bothering me. and sitting down in front of my laptop, i was already being it. the thinking statue. adjusting my hair. i clipped it with a clipper. a hair clipper. clipping it tightly that i make sure the clipper won't fall again for the 517653 times. and yes. because of too much thinking, at last it came to mind. PAPER CLIPS! i was looking for paper clips in my study drawer since this afternoon. too much of procastinating. anyways, i have to go use my paper clips now. till my next coffee break.