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i listen to every conversation that takes place. more expressing, less talking, more to listening. Italy takes my breath away. my boyfriend is a Greek. well, as if. i will just as well lie. please, do sit. have a coffee with me and i will tell you a story. i will tell you about me...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Yes, i will. I will be...

if it is important for you then it is important for me per lui.

i've dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead. i'll be your crying shoulder, i'll be love suicide, i'll be better when i'm older, i'll be the greatest fan of your life...and i will be.

my love is alive and not dead...
~Edwin McCain~

Friday, February 17, 2006

I've been tagged part 2 !

the tagging game begins. i've been tagged by Anonymuis

Current time:

What are you wearing?
green shirt with bermuda pants.

Name something out of the ordinary on your desk:
out of the ordinary??? hmmm...a slurpy cup that has been on my table for like four days?

Current favourite song(s):
i'll be by Edwin McCain and Vivo Per Lei by Andrea Bocelli

Last thing consumed:

Last phone call received:
oh sim card is blocked! but the last call i recieved is

Current annoyance:
that someone has been playing my cellphone and now it is blocked...

Plans for the day:
go to maxis or maybe call maxis to unblock my sim card. i should have write that PUK number somewhere but instead i save it IN my phone. how dumb!

I tag the following people:
-Sing Yee

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The 1 minute before Valentine ends.

one minute before Valentine's over in KK, i am engaged!


Happy (belated) Valentine's to all.

oh no...i'm not engaged ENGAGED =)

i had Virtual Dinner for Valentine.

we had dinner in an Italian castle up the hill.

candle dinner table. fettucine and great wine of Italy.

flowers. a red rose in the middle surrounded by 7 white roses. there's a meaning too ;-)

oh! background music. Vivo Per Lei by Andrea Bocelli featuring Gorgia.

we eat, we talked, we laughed, we smiled, we drink, we joked, we stared. at each other.

from Vivo Per my most favourite song I'll be by Edwin McCain.

10 minutes before Valentine ends...he proposed. and said many things that you and I can't even imagine.

1 minute before Valentine's over in KK, i said yes.

si mio amore. ti amo anch'io and that is why voglio che ci teniamo in contatto.

He said: I have found the way...everything i'll do, i'll do to meet you one day.

the way in Italian is "la via" in which he said la via is a pefect anagram for Avila. i smiled.

...............VILA you so lame!!!! oh boy, yes i know that -_-"

sorry but my heart belongs to Enzo from now on. ok thanks bye *wave*

Friday, February 10, 2006

Oh, where have I been?

i trust the red sun setting
the leafless November trees.
on Monday i look forward
fearlessly to Friday's eve.

but humans are not as reliable
as nature, as trees.
i wonder if you'll come back;
i trust only that you'll leave...
~taken from a book called Hard Love~

this is for someone out there. i wish i have the gut to tell you...*blergh* do you get me?

'the more you talk
the more you get
the sense of something
that hasn't happened yet...'
~Ani Difranco~

hmmm. wake me up when February ends...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


i was still on bed when Dayze called me in the morning.

met Dayze, Nadia, Nana and Sho at the mall and became a camwhore.

i brushed my teeth longer than i took my shower.

went to the beach and Nadia became a paparazi. nice zoom, Nad.

we played banana boat with a big branch of tree. yes. banana boat.

i drank pure vanilla in Coffee Bean.

i will only drink at Coffee Bean if i am really rich again or when somebody offers to pay.

i feel like cutting my hair short...or maybe re-curling maybe. hmmm...

i hate wearing glasses but i don't like wearing contacts.

i will send my resume to Kinabalu Park's office tomorrow.

please come online because i'm so dead bored.

ok...Greece or Italy? oh gawd...this is hard.

i love Greece but i love Italy more! more than you can imagine.

i think SEEKERS sucks major.

do you believe in ghosts?

i love Zainal Abidin so much.

i am a loyal fan of Everclear.

i wish you could come online this instant.

i would love to work with the orang utans.

it has been a year since my last visit to an island.

i despise immigrants. PTI!!!

i think i am going to download Memoirs of Geisha.

i have watched The Notebook for the fifth time and cried over and over again.

i want Noah Calhoun as my boyfriend and not Ryan Gosling.

if you're a bird then i'm a bird.

no. i have not study for my driving Q&A test.

Happy Birthday, Neneng! please claim your card at my place ok.

Standard Chatered Bank is a liar. fuck.

i am opening my account in Maybank.

i want to move to Italy.

yes. i am Malaysian. a proud Kadazan i am.

should i change my nationality?

i have very little chinese blood running through my vein.

my Grandpapa is from China.

*gasp* i have relatives in China?!

now i know who sang Fool Love. thanks to Selba.

i saw mom's picture when she was 12.

now mom

my 12-year-old mom looks like me.

people who come accross us calls us sisters.

i am staring at my MSN.

this is very random. this whole things are random

i am not sure when to use this or these.

Stamford College is bullshit. where is your phone call?!

the guy in Stamford College is cute. but sorry i am not interested.

and no Moonshine, i don't like you anymore.

baby-boo you fucking asshole.

don't mind my language. my moods are random too.

oh geez...where are you? *still staring at my MSN*

i am actually hungry. but shops are closed. i guess they are still in CNY mood.

i drank green slurpy from 7-eleven.

my 3rd brother stole 20rm from my wallet.

he would never admit it until i demand a sign of a cross + from him.

sign of a cross with a cross +.

he will pay me this Friday...*i'll put this in my schedule*

oh...he paid me 5rm. so left another 15rm.

i am the most greedy person in the family.

i will hide foods in my room. and i don't like sharing shampoo.

i am kinda choosy when come to spoon.

i will smell the spoon and taste every spoon at home with the tips of my tounge.

no i will not do that in a restaurant.

so i guess you are not able to come online. oh well...*shrugs*

Malaysian Idol 2005 is not suppose to be Daniel nor Nina.

San Francisco has no talanted people.

i don't like Fauziah Latif when giving comments. your comments suck.

Malaysian Idols are so average. but not Jaquline Victor (whatever the spelling is)

ooooo...Happy Birthday dad!

Manukan Island this Friday...wooohoooo!!!

and so i shall swim like a dolphin.

si...ti amo Enzo amore mio. ci vediamo presto!

yeahhhh...finally! my letter landed safely in Italy!!!

il cielo pullula di stelle...

i love quotations from books and movies and from people.

si amore mio, i will send something about tigers in my next letter for your friend Stefano.

send my greetings to Marco and everyone too.

why am i here talking?

my mind is so random.

i want to visit Alba in Teramo. they said, "per chi ci vive poi e un altro mondo, e anche chi viene non vuole andara via..."

the end......

Edit (9.38 pm / 2nd Feb): hahaha...okay. all Italian names (Stefano, Enzo, Marco) mentioned here are taken from a story. so i am actually being part of the character in the story. know what i mean? no....? oh well *shrugs*.