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Monday, March 27, 2006

No no...this is so not cool.

oh boy...i am starting my first job as a receptionist tomorrow. be my first customer. call me.

"hello, Clara International. Can i help you?"

the heck...starting a job is easy i guess. and so resigning. but asking for a day off...make it three days off is so not cool when you just started working. what a quick day off. Lola my boss, she's so funny and friendly. i like her already. i bet she'll give me three days off. and man! somemore i have to work on SUNDAY?! SUNDAY come?! adeiii...


Anonymous anonymuis said...

are you working as receptionist? Man I got difficulty with talking on the phone, plus I've to use formal language -_-

5:53 pm  
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Blogger avila said...

Anonymuis, working as a receptionist...ahaha..i thought it's hard but's so relaxing and gonna be transfer this April to another branch and my collegue said it's gonna be very busy yeah..i might have some difficulty there...

8:17 pm  

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